Validation of an innovative circular economy model for the valorization of post-consumer AHP waste into high-end products 


Hub'n'Spoke Project

The project HUB&SPOKE will demonstrate a new circular economy business model for drastically improving the management of post-consumer Absorbent Hygiene Products (AHP) waste in Europe, allowing for the first time its valorization into hi-value products in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market. The project' s vision is to disrupt the emerging AHP recycling market combining a new logistical model with breakthrough technologies and business innovations that will be scaled-up and brought to market by industrial partners in the consortium. Its specific objectives include:

integration of the promising results into a new circular economy model. Main innovations:
- new logistic system combining distributed waste collection/pre-treatment plants (spokes) with centralized processing facilities (hubs); 
- technological and value chain optimization to achieve maximum efficiency; 
- new business model validated by crucial economic actors

demonstration of the higher efficiency in waste management of AHP waste, reducing environmental impact and drastically increasing its value, compared to current models

monitoring and validation of the substantial environmental benefits through a full Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

demonstration of the industrial feasibility of the H&S model, through the realization of a full pilot (1 HUB + 1 SPOKE + 2 innovative technologies), production, testing and certification of 4 final FMCG products (Swiffers, bed pads, printing paper, plastic pellets), substituting for the first-time virgin materials with SRMs coming from AHP, following a set of strict tests and validation with production companies and panels of final customers

validation of the business sustainability of the H&S model, through a complete business plan, including market and techno-economic analysis, LCA, profit/loss and cash flow forecasts

setting up and ensuring sound replicability and transferability through value chain assessment, pre-commercial agreements and strategic alliances, with the aim of reaching 17 replication plants in Europe (15 Spokes and 2 Hubs) after 5 years from the project ' s end

informing and supporting the regulatory and policy process with the provision of guidelines and best practices for AHP End of Waste criteria in Europe

increasing awareness of improved eco-innovative solutions in the general public, policymakers and industry, focusing on the environmental and economic advantages as well as on the technical feasibility

FaterSMART is the coordinator of the project, it will lead a consortium that includes 5 partners: Contarina SpA, Cormatex Srl, Favini Srl, P&G Service Company NV and Alea Ambiente

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